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SOLD: Sideburn FTR223

We had plans for the neat project bike we rustled up for the cover of Sideburn 39, but Covid-19 went and buggered them, so the bike is up for sale. This a mild custom, with some really neat components and all the quality and reliability of a stock Honda with some big-bore pep.

What is it? A 2000 Honda FTR223. It is a sexy Japan-only model, but it shares lots of parts with other Hondas so we didn't have trouble finding service parts from David Silver Spares in the UK and CMS in Netherlands (both great companies to deal with).


Brand new Athena 240cc big-bore kit with Nicasil-coated bore and high-compression forged piston

BBR Motorsports cam

Brand new rocker arm

Brand new K&N filter

Supertrapp silencer


Stock frame and swingarm, delugged, powder-coated

18in wheels with Dunlop K180 road legal FT-style tyres


Paint By Matt painted stock tank

ForkCo cast alloy enduro face

Motone LED rear light

Motone LED billet indicators

Biltwell grips

Stainless steel low-profile battery box

Comes with free SB39 (that it's on the cover of)

Sold with long MoT.

Priced to sell at £2350

Email us if you're interested. sideburnmag at gmail dot com


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