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SOLD: Mule Honda/Yam Project

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The motor is a 4-speed 490. Chassis is a 2001 Honda CR125. Tom Morgan Racing, Tom was Jeff Ward’s mech during all his Championship years. did the cylinder and head.

The liner was removed, ports welded to lower them, custom liner installed, bored back to std., ported for low-end/mid range, less compression,

38mm carb, all to lessen the hit and improve throttle control/off corner performance. IT490 ignition and flywheel, billet ignition cover from New Zealand. Crank was rebuilt (new rod and bearing), balanced by Falicon. Pipe was built by Randy Blevins (15 years at Yoshimura’s

US exhaust building operation), trick aluminum silencer. Exhaust was $1200! Has a brand new coil and wire.

Lower cradle is obviously custom and is all cro-moly and powdercoated. This was all precision machined/fitted/welded, not some quicky deal.

I have 30+ years in aerospace and have built over 220 bikes. I wanted it perfect.

Included with the bike are two carbs (38 and 40), plus a tub full of really nice spare parts (not used junk)! New black rear fender and side number plates. Brand new stainless handlebars. Suspension was set up for me, expert/190lbs. As a 125 it handled incredible. As the 490 motor is super light, I predict sub 200lbs all up weight.

What needs to be done:

1.Where the swingarm pivot bolt goes through the back of the engine, it needs two small centering spacers made.

2.Needs a wedge shaped intake manifold plate made to angle the carb to miss the shock.

3. Probably a short intake boot, aircleaner and inner fender.

4. Throttle and cable, clutch cable and lever/holder.

5.Attach stinger and silencer. I have different ideas on that as opposed to the way Randy did it. I talked at length with Tom Morgan about that.

6.Screw in ¼ NPT petcock and a plug cap.

*Something I was going to do, but not necessary: I had the front hub and rim powdercoated and installed new bearings.

I haven’t done the rear hub and rim but was planning to.


Located in Idaho.

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Travis Newbold
Travis Newbold
Feb 14, 2022

Sofa king cool!

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