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SOLD: Harley JD

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Bought in Argentina along with 3 other bikes in early 90s as an ornament/showpiece for a bar and hung from the ceiling in the Roadhouse in Covent Garden for 30 years until it closed in late 2020. I bought it from an auction 12 months ago and spoke to the seller who gave me this information at the time. It has never been run or ridden for at the very least 35 years, i would guess a lot longer. There is no paperwork although I will give a receipt for registration purposes. Frame is 1929 and is in excellent condition with minimal corrosion. Tanks are a bit battered but are sound. Wheels are also very good with Duro Pirelli FT replica tyres (it came to me on very old Argentine Firestones, possibly even the originals). Forks are a mixture of good front legs and poor, repaired (badly) rears, rockers are home made. The gearbox casings are good with no repairs and the internals look to be in good shape. The engine cases are stamped as 1918 so 1000cc. I have never looked inside it but it turns freely and everything seems to move as it should.Y ou get what is shown in the photos, there are no other parts. Would make lovely board tracker, beach racer, brave flat tracker or bar ornament! Study the photos, re-read the above and contact me with any questions. Please do not ask me if it runs or if i have the V5! I am in North Yorkshire UK but can help liaise with your shipper to wherever. I have plenty of detailed photos I can email on request. Price is £10,000 firm.


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