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DxM Paloma: Baja Huskie 450

Deus Ex Machina are auctioning off the bike they nicknamed Paloma, a special Husqvarna FE450, that came second in the 2023 Baja 1000 (that was actually 1300 miles, the longest Baja ever). The bike came second in the Pro Moto Unlimited Class, and second overall in the 2023 World Desert Championship. Deus made a film about the Baja race and the build up to it (below).

But you have to be quick. The auction ends on Saturday!

The FE450 was race-prepped by Ciaran Naran, and painted by our old mate Nico, Ornamental Conifer.

The online auction is being handled by Iconic Motorbike Auctions in California. Their site states: 'The uniqueness of this machine goes beyond the success on the track and the beautiful parts (many of which are unobtainable by the general consumer and reserved for the professional racer). The true value is the countless hours and days spent in the workshop, dyno rooms and most importantly out in the desert. This is where testing different parts, combinations of suspension, gearing, transmissions, ECU settings, brake caliper diameters, chassis materials, 1 of 1 custom fabricated components, and more culminates into a race proven package capable of withstanding the longest, nonstop, point to point, off road race in the world — The Baja 1000.'

The auction site also states the build budget of $48,974, and gives an exhaustive spec list. We have been told the reserve is $35,000, and it hadn't been met at the time of publishing this post. If someone is in the market for a very high-level, modern desert racer, it seems a lot cheaper than building one.

The bike on its way to its second place at the Baja 1000 in 2023.


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