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Di Traverso

Nice film about old fellas still going fast and turning left in Northern Italy. The film uses the name of the race school of our good friend Marco Belli, who also features in the five-minute short. There are glimpses of a nice Wood Rotax. Lots of them were imported in the late-1990s by the then Italian Harley importer, Carlo Talamo. Talamo is still a legend in Italian motorcycling, that's a hard thing for an importer to become, but he managed. He organised a flat track series in Italy, for Sportsters and also Wood Rotaxs (badged as Harleys, as Harley themselves did in the US), then introduced Bloor-era Triumphs to Italy, which would become an important market for the British brand. Talamo

died in a road accident, on a motorcycle, in 2002, but is still regularly mentioned now.

I'm going to get to Marco's Di Traverso School one of these days...

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Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
Apr 21, 2020


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