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Cutting A Rug

Off-topic Sunday

This is the Welsh Elvis living the maxim, Dance like no one's watching,..

The syndicated TV show, This is Tom Jones, ran from 1969 to '71. The caption on this performance says 1969, and the 99% female crowd's hairdos point to that, though the dancefloor and Tom's clothing dated it a bit later for me, but I wasn't around, and 1969 is a few years after the peak of my 60s cultural touchstones, so I can't argue.

I'm posting this because A, Tom's dancing is something to behold. B. The on-the-mouth kissing of the (delighted) audience members on primetime TV seems so from another era, that it is truly eyebrow-raising.

This is the second time Sideburn has posted a version of this song. We posted a video of what I think is the original, by Roy Head, on the old Sideburn blog almost exactly ten years ago, for it's own spectacular dance moves. Yep, we've been doing this a long time.

Do yourself a favour and watch both of them.


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