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Born Yesterday?

Then perhaps we can interest you in these Balenciaga 'Moto' pants. Balenciaga are the originally Spanish, now French-owned, designer brand that is enjoying a boom in popularity thanks to the endorsement of rappers and hip hop stars, including Cardi B. Perhaps it's because of this, and the adoption of dirt bikes as urban assault vehicles, in US cities like Baltimore, that has encouraged the venerable fashion house to get in on the bike game.

The spec sounds ideal for racing: Technical cotton canvas; Covered zip fly; Adjustable waist with Velcro; Balenciaga logo embroidered on thighs; Leather patch on knees; 2 slash zipped pockets at side; Made in France. Hmm, they are recommending dry cleaning, but who reads washing instructions anyway?

They're £1950 (US $2500). Order yours at

Alternatively, visit 250London and get some you'd actually ride in.


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