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Blixt & Dunder FTR 1200

Out mate Jonathan from Sideburn stockist Blixt & Dunder in Sweden, has built this lightweight FTR 1200 hooligan and we have a bunch of photos and details of it in our STORIES section.

For those who don't know, the STORIES section is full of online features that seemed to suit this area of the site rather than just the rolling news blog. We currently have 32 features up there to read, with some killer photography. I know, content, content, content...

Go straight to the Blixt & Dunder FTR 1200 story. Here's a video of it in action to whet your appetite...


Sideburn 40 - Leak Tokelove compares the FTR 1200 and Scout 60 hooligans

Sideburn 37 - Our exclusive launch report on the FTR 1200 S

1 Comment

Jun 25, 2020

Dig! Beautiful bike. Lovely piece.

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