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Before the FTR750

Following on from the recent back and forth with Chris Carr, SB reader Justin Calkins pointed out in a comment that Rob Pearson, long-time national number 27, tested an Indian Scout Sixty-powered framer at a AMA Pro GNC race (before it was rebranded as AFT), in Austin, TX, in 2016. This had passed us by because Pearson qualified and raced on an XR750, coming second in the main, but took out the private Indian, built by Indian of Lafayette, for a practice session.

We found a story about the bike on American Iron (where these photos were published), that quoted Pearson as saying he thought the Indian had a lot of potential. We're not sure how true that is, because the project seems to disappear, despite someone put a lot of effort into building it, with a custom chassis complete with a radical looking swingarm.

The Scout Sixty is the 983cc road bike that formed the first wave of Indian-based hooligan bikes, before the FTR1200 was launched, and was an homologated motor for that season.

Thanks for the tip-off Justin.


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