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Baikal Art

Sideburn blog contributor, Kirk Gee, sent this video after seeing our post Baikal Mile.

The caption with the video explains... 'Artist Jim Denevan is in pursuit of the impermanent. From the vanishing curl of a wave to sand briefly stilled between tides, nature's fleeting moments are his stock-in-trade. The frozen surface of Siberia's Lake Baikal presented a shifting, snow-blanketed canvas for Denevan's specific brand of art: massive geometrical patterns carved into the earth, ever vulnerable to the elements. These images document Denevan's quest to create history's largest work of art, while also illuminating the simple, arresting beauty of the natural world that he so keenly reveres.'

It reminded me of the classic Sideburn blog post Circular Surface Planar Displacement Drawing


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