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Baikal Mile

Eye-catching video featuring our old pal Sonic Seb, racing Workhorse's Indian sprinter, Appaloosa, on a 1.8km deep Russian lake.

We've known Seb since the very early days of Sideburn. and visited him on Sideburn's first foreign road trip in 2009, when Ben, Steve Redmax and I went to Paris (see on the old blog). Seb's XS was also in Sideburn 7 and also one of the masked riders for the SB8 cover story.

The video explains the Siberian lake is the biggest single body of fresh water in the world and this speed trial attracts a mad selection of bikes, cars, tanks, hovercraft and people.

Seb runs the European sprint series, Sultans of Sprint, that mixes straightline racing with custom building, a bit of pantomime and a lot of after-party. Belgian custom builder, Workhorse create some great looking bikes, but are they up to sub-zero lake racing?


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