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AFT join up with NASCAR

AFT has further proven its ability to diversify and punch above its weight in marketing terms with news that the rescheduled 2020 flat track series will partner with NASCAR for a weekend of racing at the same facility, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, in North Carolina.

The bikes will race Friday and Saturday on the half-mile dirt track, while the cars compete for the Roval 400 on Sunday. What I know about NASCAR wouldn't fill a postcard, but I've done some reading up. Charlotte hosts three NASCAR rounds per year, but the Roval 400 differs from most NASCAR oval races as it takes place on a 'regular' F1 or touring car style track with 17 mixed turns and a section of banked traditional NASCAR track. See the clip below.

The races take place 9-11 October and, clearly, the hope is NASCAR's fanbase will boost the AFT crowd and get enthused enough to pick a rider to root for so they return to future races/watch NBCSN coverage, but who knows if social distancing will even allow for a full capacity come October.

For ticket info visit

NASCAR has recently dragged itself into the 21st century by banning the confederate flag from its events. The very next race, the team of the only black driver in the series, Darrell 'Bubba' Wallace, found a noose hanging in his garage at the Talladega track. While the FBI sounded convinced it was just a regular garage pull, researchers contacted every track on the circuit and there were only four rope pull garage doors on the whole circuit and none had a noose. NASCAR themselves didn't seem pleased with the FBI's take on the situation. See more of this story at NY Times.

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Jun 29, 2020

Shame Rollerburn is cancelled but glad you are thinking of organising another one. Last time was awesome.

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