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#98 Eric Rausch

Our friend Sammy Sabedra sent us this...

Pretty cool moment. Just weeks ago I was checking out Eric Rausch in Sideburn 42 wearing these exact leathers. Fast forward to yesterday - Eric got reunited with his old leathers when former racer Mike Varnes was cleaning out his dad's house and found them. Mike brought them over to the shop and Eric had zero idea he would be getting his old leathers back. It was a few minutes of good laughs when Eric took em off the hanger to try on again. Funny how an old set of leathers can get the juices flowing again. Ol' 96 told a couple of war stories, 'Oh I remember how that one happened” pointing out scuffs and recalling old races and motorcycles he rode while wearing them back in the day. Like I said, it was a pretty cool moment. In the end Eric said, he’s ready to go racing again- but he might have to hit the gym first.

The article in Sideburn 42 Sammy is talking about was an interview with Dee of D's Leathers with great photos from Flat Trak Fotos.


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