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5 Steps To Sudo

Some, perhaps most, custom motorcycle magazines have a very 'insert tab A into slot B' of writing about the bikes they feature. 'I bought this bike from a guy for not very much money/loads of money, then me and my buddies chopped this and bolted that on...'

That's fine, and it might be exactly what people want, but it's becomes too repetitive for me. I want to mix that approach with other themes, like how does a chopper-riding, tattoo-shop owner, who used to ride BMX professionally, end up designing and manufacturing innovative flat track racing parts? To find out you'll need to buy Sideburn 42, because that's exactly the story we tell about James 'Leftie' Smith, his Sudo Cycles company and also the Co-Built Rotax framer he built.

I was so impressed by the Sudo products, after fitting them to my race bike, Sideburn started to stock them. See the Deluxe Fork Guards and Rotax front sprocket covers in the Sideburn Hard Parts department.

Top photo: Sam Christmas


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