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450 NAF by Goldammer

Roger Goldammer is a three-time AMD World Championship-winning custom bike builder from British Colombia, Canada. He is also a mad keen dirt tracker, and was on the cover of Sideburn 29. Roger is a big framer fan, but also realises the technical benefits of modern 450 MX engines. He has developed the NAF project, Not A Framer, to combine the two. It looks great and has had interest from one of the current legends of the sport enquiring into the possibility of purchasing one.

It's going back to the early days of DTX, the mid-2000s, when there were 'Evo' 450s that had Yamaha R6 forks and lowered and shortened rear ends, as the single framers were being phased out. There was a period between the framers and the current, tall DTX bikes when the Evo DTX bikes competed on GNC short tracks and TTs. Chris Carr's KTM springs to mind, but this seems to be developed further still.

Prices are yet to be finalised, but you can contact Roger through instastgram - @goldammerroger or GoldammerRoger facebook

This is what Roger says about the project.

Over the past year I have been developing kits to easily convert your tall, long and gangly late model DTX /MX bike into the tight, precise, light feeling machine that only framers typically are...

I found that 'modern' 450 framers don’t typically take advantage of late technology, like downdraft injection, great reliable power, traction control, onboard starters etc... Our kit allows you to use all these features, and the stock unmodified frame, rads, tank etc... Yet you would swear you were on a well-built framer.

The other big thing is time, If you can have a local suspension guy shorten and set up your stock forks, (or bolt on R6 etc stuff), lace a 19in hoop to your front hub, buy a down pipe and this kit, and you could be on the track by next weekend.

Available initially for the ’17 to ’20 Honda CRF450R/RX, ‘21/ ’22s not far behind, as well as 2019 and up KTM/Husky/GG 450s, possibly more into the future.

We call them 450 NAFs and will be available in 'builders' kit form, consisting of your basic components all the way up to complete kits , powder coated and ready to bolt on.


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