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2020 American Flat Track Schedule

AFT has released their 18-round 2020 season. The Charlotte Half-Mile and Oklahoma City Mile are both back on the schedule, while the Arizona Super TT and Minnesota Mile are out. The Meadowlands Mile, which was heavily criticised for poor track prep and was boycotted by the GNC Twins racers until the Main was shortened to just 8 laps, is marked with an asterisk denoting it is subject to final confirmation.

As we posted before, the Daytona TT and Daytona 200 are being held on the same day, with tickets starting at a very reasonable $35.

2019's run of rain-offs forced AFT to hold both Springfield Miles on the same Labor Day holiday weekend, when they're traditionally split, one on Memorial Day weekend (at the end of May) and one on Labor Day weekend. For 2020, they have chosen to have the two Springfield's back to back on Labor Day weekend.

There are:

6 Miles

6 Half-mile

3 TT

3 Short Track


14 March: Daytona TT (and Daytona 200)

28 March: Atlanta Short Track, Woodstock, GA

4 April: Charlotte Half-Mile, Concord, NC

2 May: Texas Half-Mile, Fort Worth, TX

9 May: So-Cal Half-Mile, Perris, CA

16 May: Sacramento Mile, CA

30 May: Red Mile, Lexington, KY

13. June: Laconia Short Track, Loudon, NH

20 June: OKC Mile, Oklahoma City, OK

27 June: Lima Half-Mile, OH

4 July: New York Short Track, Weedsport, NY

9 August: Buffalo Chip TT, Sturgis, SD

11 August: Black Hills Half-Mile, Rapid City, SD

22 August: Peoria TT, IL

5 September: Springfield Mile I, IL

6 September: Springfield Mile II, IL

12 September: Williams Grove Half-Mile, Mechanicsburg, PA

26 September: Meadowlands Mile*, East Rutherford, NJ

Photo: Scott Hunter/ AFT

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