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Vintage Memories Megapost

It's a given that all UK Flat Tracker Racers owe a debt of gratitude to Anthony Brown for organising races under the DTRA umbrella for us and for keeping the scene gradually growing.

Since the early days of the club he has always collaborated with great artists to promote the Club and the sport. Having Ryan Roadkill's event posters and trackside banners, House Industries race plates, Tom Bing videos etc help to set a scene and pitch the club just so.

Lord Brown has also always ensured that there are good and motorcycle savvy photographers at every round to capture the action. All riders like to see photos of themselves being heroic, after all. These 'toggers are as much an intrinsic part of the Flat Track community as the riders, track owners, support crews and sponsors.

For the final round of the European and National 2019 Championships, at the Greenfield Oval, Anthony invited Kati Dalek who he'd met at Wheels and Waves, to join the regular photographers. Here's a selection of her shots of the Vintage racers and racing. I think you'll agree they are something special. The evening light helped of course, but they convey the atmosphere beautifully.

Personally, I'm really grateful because in years to come I'll be able to look back at these and think, Wow, was that really me and my pals? We had the best times, didn't we? And know that it was true.

Thanks Kati. Thanks Anthony. Thanks to all our great photographers - Paul, Jon, Tom, Nathalie, Adrian, Ozzer, et al...

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