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Portland 2013 Flashback

I came across these photos recently, that I had never posted and it reminded me how many good memories and great friends I have in Portland, OR. These are from the first time I visited the city, for the One Show in January/ February 2013.

That's Michael Schmidt taking photos of Thor, co-founder of See See and the One Show.

See See. Stocked Sideburn then. Stocks Sideburn now.

Such a great hub of the community and they serve really good coffee.

The first 21 Helmets Show a couple of days before going on display.

I visited a load of different shops and builders for a feature I wrote for Cafe Racer magazine in France. One was Holiday Cycles.

Another was Moto Galore (though Kenny Bobcat was out of town, unfortunately).

One was the original Heap, breaker's yard. This is Travis from the might SFRC - Sang Froid Riding Club

Within the same building, on N Tillamook if I remember rightly, as the Heap and Holiday Cycles, was upholsterer extraordinaire Ginger McCabe of Newchurch Moto.

Mathew is a talented designer who has created a lot of See See and One Show's graphic design and visual language. He's the founder of Radical Co-operative, an LA creative studio. Rad Co-op and Sideburn have big things coming up very soon.

This is Amanda, who at the time, worked for Chrome Industries, but now works for Icon Motosports. She's hilarious and showing of her new tattoo...

I didn't think I had been living a particularly sheltered life, but I'd never been to a show where people were getting show-related tattoos from a flash sheet. I'd been the Bulldog Bash where there were tattooists doing you panthers and the like, but this seemed different. Amanda got the uniboob.

Ashley and Linda from Vancouver, Canada in the One Show.

A random Portland street scene. The city has changed so much in six years, but it's still well worth visiting. Especially during One Show weekend. Next year it's over 7-9th February and it's going to be great. See more at

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