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Epic580 - Charity Ride

2019 AFT Production Twins racer Cory Texter organised a 580-mile bicycle ride through the length of Florida to raise money for AFT Pro riders who were very seriously hurt in the back half of the 2019 season.

The amount, and severity, of these recent injuries has really shocked the sport and Cory wanted to do something about it, as did his fellow racers: Brandon Robinson, Jarod Vanderkooi, James Rispoli, Chad Cose and Noah Chambers.

The ride was completed yesterday. They're fit lads and will have enjoyed hanging out, but it was still a challenge, for some more than others, and a week they could've spent with their families. They also had a back-up crew of Carter, from the Off The Groove podcast, and Cory's mechanic Julian, who both gave up their time to support and document the ride to help raise more money.

The riders they're raising money for are: Jeremy Higgins, JR Addison, James Monaco and Oliver Brindley. They had a glitch with the Go Fund Me page and lost ALL the donations, though they raised nearly the same amount again, so hopefully everyone got the message and will re-donate.

If you feel you'd like to donate, and they'd be grateful of anything, go to Cory Texter Go Fund Me.

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