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Harley Street Tracker Concept

At this week's EICMA bike show in Milan, Harley pushed a couple of 2020 models we'll cover soon, but elsewhere on the huge stand was this design sketch a couple of observant Sideburn contributors* spotted.

It's a pure concept, and as such the proportions could be all out of kilter, but Harley don't put clues like this without thinking hard about what they're doing. The engine appears to be the new Revolution Max 60-degree engine, that will debut late-2020. It has a street tracker flavour, but it's l-o-n-g and tall, and it's never going to look like this (for reasons we've covered a hundred times).

Another show season comes and goes with no Harley street tracker. Will there ever be a real, hardcore street tracker worthy of the badge and the description? We're still waiting.

* Lenny Schuurmans and Ed Subias

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