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My friend Russ sent me this with the optimistic, but wholly misleading comment 'It's a British On Any Sunday'. It most definitely isn't but it is a charming snapshot of, I'd say, a simpler, less macho, less corporate, far less image conscious time.

I'm not sure where the track is, but one of the interviewees says the East Midlands, so too not far from Sideburn HQ, but in cosmic and style terms Leicestershire 1981 seems like a different universe.

The absolute highlight is the fella is within the first minute, and is a bloke pulling a Suzuki crosser out of the back of a Vauxhall Chevette hatchback. I just wish the editor had shown the bike actually in the car. You'd struggle to get an Alsatian in the back, never mind a motorcycle.

As Russ wrote, the end is worth waiting for.

Anyway, enjoy and try catch this vibe next time you go racing.

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