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SB38 Red Torpedo Edition

We worked with Glasgow-based clothing company Red Torpedo to make a special edition cover of Sideburn 38.

Red Torpedo sponsor a bunch of real road racers and now the two of the most successful flat track racers in the sport - Shayna Texter and Jared Mees. It's Mees that's on the cover, a shot from Lima 2019 by Ed Subias.

Sideburn flew out to Lima, a race that Jared and Nichole Mees promote and run, to follow the two Red Torpedo riders. You can read the story in Sideburn 38.

Red Torpedo make Jared Mees T-shirts, too. Check out their gear.

We have a a few copies available for the completists. This is a super limited edition. The magazine is identical to the regular SB38 except for the cover.

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