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Turkish Psych-Folk With Surf Guitar? Yes Please

Off-topic Sunday

It's truly wonderful how music diffused around the world in the pre-internet days. Russian jazz in the 20s, Congolese mambo in the 50s, Hong Kong beat pop in the 60s, Moroccan funk in the 70s - all brilliant. At times just a straight take on the western model which can be fine - Garage rock is damn near perfect so if it comes from India or Argentina all the better, there's just more of it.

At times music morphed with local sounds, and psych rock was great for this, especially in the hands of the Turks. Such brilliant, meloncholic and tweaky records were being made - Baris Manco, Selda, Mogollar, Cem Karaca - an intense burst of such musical quality. Best of all, the tradition is maintained and thus we give you Gaye Su Akyol and her brilliant video for 'Istikrarli Hayal Hakikattir.' The video is obviously fantastic with a classic Dolmus taking us on a sparkly intergalactic ride, there's hot pants and capes and Amazons and a baglama solo, but the song is so strong on it's own. Turkish psych-folk with surf guitar? Yes please. Ms. Akyol is a bit of a star in her home territories and that is as it should be.

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