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D*Face x Indian FTR 1200

Indian Motorcycle are chucking the kitchen sink at their new FTR 1200. On top of the three versions - FTR 1200, 1200S and Race replica, there is a container load of accessories and now five artist series 'tank' cover paint options.

The artists chosen to design the tank covers are Steve Caballero, ThankYouX, Risk, Adam Turman and UK-based mate of the mag, D*Face.

D*Face owns Rebels Alliance in London, who built the Sideburn 35 Yamaha SR500 cover bike.

In the video below D*Face (Dean Stockton) describes the dialogue of the two sides, between life and death. I was pretty surprised by a motorcycle manufacturer putting out a video with the concept of death in it, explicitly. Of course, V-twins have been covered in skulls and bones for decades, but big corporate entities are very touchy about the D word (death, I mean, not Dean). I'm glad to see Indian has been grown-up and realistic about the inevitable and not shy away simply because they produce and sell things that can be dangerous.

Anyway, back on message... There are just 100 sets of each artist's covers. Contact your local Indian dealer for more information.


Rebels Alliance shop profile in SB34

My launch report of the FTR 1200 S in SB37

* They're not real tank covers, they're airbox covers. The fuel tank is under the seat.

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