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Scar - The Aftershave For The Man of Action

And this, good people, is how advertising really should be: two stolen bikes, karate chops, headbutts and train stunts all to be smooth and fragrant. All directed by the award winning Serge Faberge, played by the award winning Serge Gainsbourg in the1969 movie 'Slogan'. It's a moment of farcical '60s French cinema worth your attention featuring as it does some brilliant grooviness: cars, hip young people, office decor, soundtrack (with sitar) and of course Serge and Jane Birkin in the roles that facilitated their meeting. You can clearly see the cultural forces they were to become emerging here, the metaphoric petrol on fire in many ways...

WARNING Brief glimpse of naked female breasts and henceforth I shall be alter-egoing as Serge Faberge...

#KirkGee #France #1960s #Sex #Film #Violence

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