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Off The Groove Podcast: DTRA

I'm a big fan of podcasts, listening to at least one most days, so I honestly can't understand why I'm so late to the Off The Groove podcast party. It's hosted by the voice of AFT, fanschoice and track announcer Scottie Deubler and is purely focussed on flat track. I know, it could not be more perfect for me.

I got on the Groove bus when Mr DTRA, Anthony Brown, announced he was going to be featured. In the same episode as Anthony are Oliver Brindley and Johnny Lewis, so there's a strong DTRA feel to that 1 hour, 40 minute-long show.

Scottie's enthusiasm for the sport is undeniable. He's worked at every GNC round for years and is also a former national number. That's him below. And he loves Rotax framers...

The podcast was launched in late 2017 and there are dozens of episodes with all the top riders, plus behind the scenes names and faces, many familiar to me, some not. The latest episode with former #1 and current Superhooligan racer, Joe Kopp is a great listen too. It's clear the racers have a lot of respect and fondness for Scottie.

You can listen to all the podcasts by searching them on iTunes, or if you don't have access, you can listen through Soundcloud on your computer by visiting Off The Groove Podcast.

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