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Race Service, Los Angeles

Two nights in Los Angeles, one day riding the new Indian FTR 1200 S, and a free day to kill before flying home. My old mate Kirk was on night shifts so he could pick me up and the idea was to visit Nico, Ornamental Conifer, at his base within Race Service HQ.

We were a bit late, so we didn't have as long as we hoped but it was still great to see the emigrant.

Race Service is a motorsports media agency and 'content creator' that works with brands to generate social media adverts for YouTube and the like and advertising campaigns. Nico is the company's creative director, and is also still working for his own clients and making his own art.

The initials R S - for Race Service - are used to start words that Nico has painted on the gate and roof structure.

Happy Nico.

No OCD to see here, move along.

Nico sold his motorbike, the Tracy-bodied Triumph we featured in SB21, and now cycles to work.

Race Service is involved in the drifting scene. Nico has also recently painted a race helmet for top F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo.

Shop dog

This piece of Conifer-painted drift car was left on the verge for the scrap truck to take. Kirk was very tempted to sling it in the back of his truck.

Find out more at Race Service

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