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UPDATE: Ossa Short Tracker For Sale UK

UPDATE: As I wrote below, I didn't know the history of this bike, but I asked around, because if it was an ex-Dick Mann bike, I wanted it myself. Ossa experts in the States say it has a stock frame, not a Champion frame that a pukka period Ossa short tracker would have. It might still make a good DTRA vintage race bike, but it's not a framer.

This Ossa belongs to a friend of a friend, but we don't know the history of the bike, so anything below is purely the seller's claims.

The current owner says he bought it very recently from a collection and claims it was Dick Mann's own bike. If that can be proved beyond, the asking price of £5000 is peanuts.

The bike is located in Chesterfield. You can find the advert on facebook at the group shown below.

Thanks to everyone who shared the details on this bike with us.


We featured the story of the Ossa ST-1 in Sideburn 12.

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