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The Vicious Cycles at Antisocial

No, not the London women's bike co-operative, this is the Vancouver punk band (as an aside, if you've ever wondered why people from Vancouver always say Vancouver BC, as in British Columbia, I think it's because there is a town on the Oregon/Washington border in the USA called Vancouver and Canadians are so unassuming that they want to make sure you're not mistaking their city, three times the size, for a town subsumed by the Portland Metropolitan area. Well, that's my theory).

Anyway, The Vicious Cycles, great fun band. I wish they'd tour the UK, but I don't have the connections to make it happen. This is a film of an 'in store' gig they did at the famous Antisocial skateboard shop in their home town.

The Vicious Cycles have a new record out, made in conjunction with See See Motorcycles. Find out more at

The whole LP is only $2 to download.

They have another show coming up at Antisocial on March 9. I suspect it's going to be wild.

The film was made by acclaimed short film maker Benny Zenga

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