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Hide. Out

I'm trying to declutter my life to some degree. Little by little. God only know why I've held onto these Alpinestars leathers for over ten years since I last raced in them. They as supple as plywood and as inviting as a viper's nest.

This week I stripped the patches off them and numbers off the back and finally chucked them. I might get the 13 stitched on the back of an old red Lewis Leathers jacket I bought at the TT years ago. I actually bought it for Derek, at Lewis, knowing that he collected loads of old leather, but he didn't want it.

Joyda Leathers in Wigan made the numbers for the Alpinestars, widened the bottom of the leg so I could wear them over boots (proper dirt track style) and removed the kneeslider velcro. Joyda are still in business - contact details Joyda Leathers

We sell these Broke Bone patches. This one signifies a broken tib and fib from 1996.


After. Shoulder shows sign of tyre rubbing.

This photo is from the fourth ever post on the old Sideburn blog, from March 2008, just short of 11 years ago. It was taken at a race at Scunthorpe and I'm talking to my good mate, Dave Skooter Farm. I'd already been racing for a couple of seasons by then. The Alpinestars were retired not long after this. My son, Max, races in the Styl Martin boots I'm wearing in this photo. I still race the same bike. I'm better at sticking numbers on now...

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