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Dirt Track Rookies, Spain

We posted a story about the the Dirt Track Rookies in Spain in late-2017. Up until recently, there seemed to be two very different strands to the flat track scene in Spain. There are those inspired by the Marc Marquez/ Superprestigio scene who have a national championship made up of 450 DTX singles, then there are the Dirt Rookies, riding air-cooled, vintage or modified road bikes. Now it seems the two are combining, with the national championship including a vintage class.

The Dirt Rookies had another practice day late last year, and sent photos and a short report.

Last October, the Dirt Rookies organised another fun riding weekend at Canudas Motor Test near Barcelona. Like last time sun was with us and we had a wonderful time full with some friendly riding BBQ and fun atmosphere.

There where about 30 riders. Some came from France, Galicia, Madrid. We try to keep the spirit of vintage bikes as much as we can , but are open for any dirt track bikes and had three or four XR600, a couple of modern bikes, one new YCF SUNDAY 187cc Flat track pit bike, one Ossa, Bultaco Astro...

On Sunday we had dirt track lessons by Josep Piedra , Dirt Track rider and organiser of the Dirt Track Championship in Catalunya.

We are aiming to do the next Dirt Rookies weekend somewhere in April, and another one at the end of the season somewhere in October this will depend also on the agendas of the other events in Europe ( Hells Race, DTRA , Vintage Racing Spirit , El Rollo , Over the Top , etc etc ). We will try to come and race as many as we can , will keep you posted of the dates.

Also the Dirt Rookies Riders are racing on the DTC ( Dirt Track Championship ) in Catalunya in their own Vintage class.

Carlos, Santi and Jonas // Dirt Track Rookies

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