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Motor Bike Expo, Verona

The world famous Motor Bike Expo (MBE) in Verona is coming up fast. One of the top custom shows in the world, over the years, as styles have changed, its star guests have turned from those of a fat tyre persuasion to those more in step with a Sideburn outlook. For 2019, MBE have announced gentleman alchemist Shinya Kimura will be in attendance.

The show takes place from 17-19 January. Describing their special guest, the MBE press release says...

'Kimura’s motorcycles are sculptures made from hand-beaten sheet metal; accessories made from precious metals and recycled material; solely pre-1980s motors – all of these elements fuse and flow together harmoniously. After opening his first workshop in the early nineties (La Chabo, in 1992), Shinya Kimura was met with great success with his brand Zero Engineering, a garage characterized by turning out minimalist and vintage motorcycles, typically incorporating old-production Harley-Davidson motors in rigid frames, springer forks, and spoked rims.In short, the style that Kimura produced became a stylistic vein followed by many, with Zero Engineering becoming a commercial brand with offices in Japan and the USA. Shinya has now returned to following his dream of doing exactly what he likes most: exclusively making the motorcycles that he “feels inside”.

From 2006, under the name of Chabott Engineering, he has worked endlessly repeating the mantra that preaches the return to origins, exploring and elevating the creative value of elements such as metal and rust. Shinya Kimura’s presence at Motor Bike Expo is not just a simple visit, but will see him play a key role in the show. With attentive eyes, he will scrutinize over 2000 motorcycles on display in order to find which one will be crowned “The most beautiful in Verona”. In fact, Kimura will work alongside four other international judges in order to select the TOP 10 before awarding the coveted title. The contest that is creating a buzz with customizers all over the world is to take place on Friday, January 18, at 12 o’clock.

Official website Motor Bike Expo

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