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SB35 Launch at Rebels Alliance

Many thanks to D, Boots, Max and the rest of the Rebels Alliance crew for hosting our launch last night. It was held at Rebels' wonderful Sclater St HQ because their Rough Diamond SR500, is the SB35 cover bike.

The launch was slightly later in the month than we wanted because D, the store's founder, is D*Face, world renowned street artist, and he and right-hand man, Boots were painting a massive wall in Taipei as part of the All The Rage art show. Me going to Japan didn't help scheduling either, but it all worked out.

Thanks also to all those who came out. Great to see old and new faces.

Mark Eley and son Naoki. Mark used to own the Rough Diamond at a very different time of its life.

Mark Eley on his Honda FTR223

Some of the Bike Shed crew visited

Sideburn contributor Mike Fordham, friend, Black Dots video's James Cox

The DTRA's Anthony and Anna

Exclusive Rebels Alliance screenprints.

Sideburn practice print.

Maxwell Paternoster!

Rebels crew

Fellow DTRA racer Gareth H with free beer

Totes. Hopefully we'll have some of these on the webshop in the new year.

Thanks everyone!

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