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Six Quid!

Two of Sideburn's old mates worked together in the summer to shoot the cover for new book. The shot above is an out-take, unused, from the Sam Christmas shoot of Guy Martin. This great image reminds me of the baking summer we've had (now I'm up to my shins in mud).

For this week only (I think), the hardback is just £6 on Amazon, even though it has an RRP of £20. God only knows how that works, and I don't pretend to understand the global machinations of Jeff Bezos' megacorp.

Anyway, £6 is a bargain for a brand new hardback 300-page book that includes tales of how the whole Honda comeback went sour; touring most of Russia; spending time in the Chernobyl's reactor; racing vans, cars and motorcycles and much more besides. It's a real insight into the sometimes cracked brain of this reluctant folk hero. And it has subtle illustrations by Ryan Quickfall at the heads of each chapter.

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