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Vitpilen Aero Concept

More Husqvarna news: The Austrian-based brand also released this concept, based on their Vitpilen 701, at EICMA.

The bodywork all hints at a second generation model that gives more wind protection. After all, this is 100mph-plus single, happy to cruise a 90mph.

The view from above shows a development of the tank design, that still has the flat side lozenges, but that are now angled.

The modern bike market relies on a two-year reinvention. New bikes sell best in year one, with a large drop off in sales in year two and, with very few exceptions, they're dead by year three, hence bikes like the Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Bonneville and Tiger and BMW RNineT being relaunched with Scrambler, cafe racer or XC versions with increasing regularity.

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