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Superprestigio 2018 Cancelled

Europe's biggest flat track race has been cancelled with less than six weeks until the event. An official press release explained that the organisers hadn't had enough confirmations from the high profile 'charismatic' MotoGP riders they felt they needed to make the event viable and 'respect their racing fans'. This is despite it being a Dorna-backed event, the company that runs MotoGP and owns all its rights. The lack of bankable talent would also have a massive impact on ticket sales.

Perhaps the life-changing injury to Brad Baker, on a pop-up short track at the X Games earlier this year (allbeit on a 750 twin) has made some of the road racers consider the risks of entering this off-season 'fun' dirt track race. Rossi still rides and races flat track, but on his own bigger, permanent Ranch track. The Italian has never competed at a Superprestigio and, considering his frosty relationship with Marquez, is unlikely to follow in his footsteps, by taking up the opportunity now.

The Superprestigio was relaunched by a Spanish motorsports event promoter in January 2014, and instantly gained traction thanks to the up front patronage of newly crowned MotoGP champ Marc Marquez. It was such a success that a follow-up was organised for December of the same year.

The event became became established on the calendar, but, from my perspective, slumped into something of a rut very quickly. Same location, same commentator, same show, similar guest riders (though they shook this up for 2017 with Briar Bauman and JD Beach). Crowds dwindled and it stopped drawing the very cream of racers. Marquez didn't compete in the December 2017 race and the organisers announced the 2018 race would be held in Paris.

We know a number of people who have already booked and paid for travel, including one from the USA, to the Paris event. There is talk of bringing it back in 2019. Perhaps missing a year is a good thing, and people will be hungrier, but I wouldn't bet on it happening.

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