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Morocco: Bivouac

If you're one of the women thinking about going on the March 2019 Women Only Morocco tour we're promoting, perhaps these photos will convince you...

This is the overnight camp. You arrive mid- to late-afternoon. Park your KTM 450, get a cold, soft drink in the bar (below where the top photo was taken from), grab your bedding for a night in the traditional bedouin tents, get your breath back, then head back out into the dunes 50 metres to the right with a beer or wine to watch the sunset.

Then it's back to camp, by which time the back-up vehicle has arrived with your bags, grab a shower in the red-doored blocks in the picture, then it's time for food, drinks, camp fire, dancing, aching, sleeping like a corpse...

Photos by our partners @Motoaventures

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