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MotoBeach Classic 2018

Just when we think the Roland Sands Designs team have reached their peak, they drop another fun bomb in the Bikini Atoll of 21st century motorbikes.

In just a few days time comes the second edition of the MotoBeach Classic. We went to the first and it was a great location, literally on the beach, with bikes, racing, bands... That was at Bolsa Chica, the 2018 edition is at Huntington Beach.

For this year there is a whole music festival line-ups worth of Orange County punk bands (and Snuff...). Imagine when Rancid play TimeBomb... a pit of 40-somethings going doo-lally.

Plus this event hosts the finale of the second annual Super Hooligan National Championship. This has been another hardcore, emotionally charged hooligan title that is so fiercely partisan, either side of a Harley-Indian divide, it makes 1980s Northern Ireland look like a particularly sunny Berlin Love Parade. The pop-up track last year was tiny, but held up well. There were plenty of support classes, from handshift to modern, and hooligan tempers became very frayed. Andy DiBrino walked away with a brand new Indian FTR750.

If you're in the area, it's $60 per day or $100 for a weekend ticket.

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We made a tasty 16-page supplement with Enginethusiast on the 2017 MotoBeach Classic. It comes free with Sideburn 31

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