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Ossa 'ST-1' For Sale in UK

Thanks to Kev H for bringing this one to our attention.

The owner describes it as '1975 OSSA ST-1 250 2-stroke custom built flat tracker based on the 1977 Scott Loomis ST-1'

Looks good. Not sure about the angle of the kickstart. It's on 18s, so it's raceable, but would need 19s for the best tyres. John Harrison would be happy if the new owner raced on these tyres though (read why here).

Up for a buy it now at £3395 with best offers welcomed. Has an MoT too, says the owner. Find out more at Ossa ST-1 flat tracker.

We don't know anything about this actual bike and the sale is nothing to do with us. We featured the story of the Ossa ST-1 in Sideburn 12.

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