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Get Schooled: UPDATED

You think you're getting your fill of motorcycle brain nourishment, but really, you're just rubbing amphetamine sulphate into your gums. The social media 'speed' suppresses your appetite for proper knowledge, and therefore it's robbing you of what you really need, a healthy balanced diet.

You're whizzing your tits off on curated photos of good looking folks farting around on custom bikes, interesting old snaps with no back story, influencers telling you how good their free stuff is and delicious examples of everything you desire. However, you are learning sweet F. A.

But it's ok, because while the social media explosion has inspired/depressed/made feel inadequate/enriched (delete as applicable) pan-generational swathes of smartphone users, Sideburn has diligently, quietly been continuing to contact, then interview, write up, edit and illustrate detailed How Tos with the help some of the biggest and best in our corner of the motorcycle world.

We call these How Tos, GET SCHOOLED and we've been publishing them since issue 21. Each has been illustrated by Ryan Quickfall. These are the subjects so far and the expert who advised us...

21 Get the Holeshot with Johnny Lewis

22 How to Crash with David Aldana

23 Draft to Victory with Bryan Smith

24 Short Track badassery with Briar Bauman

25 Body English with Chris Carr

26 Win from the front with Brandon Robinson

27 Win as a one-man band with Alan Birtwistle

28 Make the most with the least with Jeffrey Carver

29 Promote your own race with Randy Kremlacek

30 Use your brake to go faster with Johnny Lewis

31 Make the most of a back row start Cory Texter

32 Win a hooligan title with Andy DiBrino

33 Start racing with Todd Marella

34 Build Your Own Flat Track with George Pickering

35 Spanner like a pro with Brent Armbruster

36 Work the outlaw race circuit with Oliver Brindley

37 Make your race event rule with Jeremy Prach

38 Get back to basics with Johnny Lewis

39 How to race two classes with Cory Texter

Go to to order the current or back issues (bear in mind some have sold out). Or go buy the SIDEBURN DIGITAL ISSUU

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