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Owned & Ridden By Steve McQueen in the Film On Any Sunday...

Our friend Jason returns to the pages of Sideburn, cementing his position as the person with more bikes featured in Sideburn than any other. This time Jason describes how he ended up owning one of the most famous bikes in cinematic history - Steve McQueen's On any Sunday beach bike.

The machine, that was raced at two Snow Quakes, is one of the star lots of Bonham's Barber Museum auction, taking place in Alabama next month.

The guide price is $75,000-£100,000 (plus fees). I wouldn't be surprised if it fetched more.

Bonhams say, 'MH-1341 was one of five Husky 400s owned by McQueen, but we know it is the "Beach Bike" from the movie thanks to the U.S. military's fondness for order and paperwork. The closing sequence was shot at Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps training facility on the Pacific Coast just north of San Diego. McQueen's celebrity played a big part in gaining access to the base's shoreline, usually closed to the public, but before any riding could take place the Marines needed the bikes' VIN numbers on file. A letter from Brown to Pendleton's Public Affairs Office duly noted: "Mr. Steve McQueen, Husqvarna MH-1341; Mr. Malcolm Smith, Husqvarna MH-1221; Mr. Mert Lawwill, Greeves 36MX4C319.'

Read Jason's take on the bike in Sideburn 34. And wince at the lack of sensitivity with which Jason treated it (and why we love him so much).

Go to to see the Huskie's listing and other lots, some of which are currently owned by Larry Morris, who wrote about preparing for the forthcoming apocalypse by moving into Airstream landyacht with a Sportster street tracker on the back, for SB33.

These are a handful of the many lots that caught our magpie eye.

Mike Hailwood pudding basin 'For The Love Of The Sport'

Hailwood's 1971 Daytona leathers

The Jackson 5's Honda ATC70

Ex- Bobby Sirkegian Gold Star flat tracker

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