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AFT Singles Is Nuts

Tanner Dean won the AFT singles race at the Williamsburg Half-Mile in Pennsylvania, last weekend. I met Tanner at a DirtQuake USA, so he one of the Singles riders I keep an eye out for.

I knew it was his second win of the year, previously coming first at the Weedsport Short Track in NY, back in July.

I thought I'd have a look at his results, and I was surprised how many races he'd competed in this year, because I thought he was in and out of the championship. Of the 16 rounds so far, he has missed four and failed to make the main in only one race he's entered - Lima Half-Mile.

The really interesting details, to me at least, are his results spread. In order, the finishing place in the 18-rider mains.












He either wins or he's in the minor places. What does that say about that championship? There have been ten different winners in 16 races. Dan Bromley secured the title with a total four wins, and two rounds to go.

Compare it to the twins class - Mees has ten wins out of 16 races. No one else has more than one win this season.

The singles class is very hard to win a race in and even harder to be consistent in. Bromley did just that this year. He deserves his title.

Photo: American Flat Track

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