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Anarchy Brew X Ryan Quickfall

The landscape of, let's call it, alternative motorcycling has changed so radically over the last few years that when a friend and Sideburn contributor, Ryan Quickfall creates a motorcycle zombie-themed beer can for an independent brewery, it doesn't cause much more than a 'Oh, that's cool'.

If this had happened ten years ago, when Sideburn started, I'd have been freaking out that someone tied the strands of indie motorcycling, art, beer, zombies together. Now tie-ins with leftfield biking are almost common place.

DirtQuake is on primetime free to air TV

SuperHooligan flat track takes place on the tourist piers of San Francisco

See See Motorcycles have a collab with Fox Racing

Ryan's made a beer can and collaborated with VW too

Who knows where it goes next.

The beer isn't online yet, but head to Anarchy Brew Co for details.

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