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Sportster Steepening kit

This in from one of the first company's we promoted back in the early days of the Sideburn blog, Omar's/ Phil Little Racing. They've come up with a kit for steepening the steering of certain Sportsters, specifically for Hooligan racing, but it would also give street trackers a more racery stance. It seems pretty expensive, though.

Phil Little Racing sells a ton of Sportster and street tracker parts. This is what Phil says...

The Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27˚ Steering Kit is a new corner handling product for those who race 1988-2003 Evo Sportsters in the Hooligan dirt track class. The kit reduces the fork angle to 27˚. The kit works with stock triple trees and in future Weiss and Durelle trees. This kit fits inside the steering head.

The current rage of Hooligan racing (big twins on short tracks) is the reason this project was undertaken at considerable cost. Sportsters are heavy (550 to 590 lbs.) They have a long 30o fork angle designed for stable straight line road riding.

An attempt to use a stock Sportster on a short track will yield awkward and difficult handling. Stock forks tend to self-straighten (push) in corners and limit the effect of counter steering.

The Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27o Steering Kit© produces flat track handling. Cornering is quicker and counter steering can be effective. The new fork angle and 14 ¼” shocks achieves 26.5 degrees which is ideal. This kit is the single most effective handing product for Sportsters. Next in order is a 19” wheel conversion kit which we also offer.

Go to the website Phil Little Sportster Hooligan for a handling chart which displays the variables of fork angles and shock combinations. The QuikTurn kit is $545

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