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Redcar DTRA: This weekend

The DTRA series hasn't travelled further north than King's Lynn for the last few seasons, but that's going to change this weekend, with a trip to Redcar.

To my knowledge, there's only ever been one flat track race there, back in the Short Track UK days. I went to the original date, but it was rained off until the following week, and I didn't make it to that. I didn't feel too sorry for myself, Jacopo Monti had driven from Italy for the rain-off!

Anyway, it's not going to rain this weekend. Racing on Saturday is the DTRA's new format of timed qualifying in the afternoon, and races from 6 in the evening.

Saturday classes are Pro and Inter (combined), Vintage (13 bikes entered) and Youth.

Sunday is Thunderbikes, Rookie, Minibikes and Youth.

Sunday racing is from 11.30.

It is FREE to spectate.

Redcar Speedway Redcar Bears Media Prima Arena at the South Tees Motorsports Park South Bank Road Middlesbrough TS6 6XH

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