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Over The Top In Italy

The expansion of flat track is continuing all over Europe. Hells Race and the rider-owned Dirt Track Lelystad in the Netherlands; Vintage Racing Spirit in France; a Swedish championship starting very soon and OverTheTop, a four-race series held at Lonigo, Italy.

Look at the size of those corners! What a track!

The Italians had their first round earlier this month and this is what they say...

Over The Top Crew, Marco, PHONZ and Stefano completed one of the Classic OVERTHETOP Flat Track Championship races, happy to have had 38 riders in 4 different Heroes, Classic, Turbo and Top Twin categories.

HEROES - Motorcycles built until 1985

CLASSIC - motorbikes built up to 2010 air-cooled and liquid cooled until

2000 TURBO - Modern motorcycles of off-road derivation from 2000 to 2018, mandatory 19 "rear and front wheels

TOP TWIN - Two-cylinder motorcycles, with a cylinder capacity of over 750 cc

Thanks to the staff of the Moto Club Chimax from the early hours of Saturday afternoon it was possible to test the famous Speedway track in Lonigo where in the past it hosted also world championships, several riders took to the track more pumped than ever. The atmosphere was already starting to heat up and on the riders' faces the smile was printed, everything was ready for an unforgettable race Sunday.

At 8 o'clock on Sunday the paddock was full,camper ,vans and even our friend of Rock Burgher was loaded ready for a day of crossings, beer and party atmosphere. All the riders during the recordings received the bib with their race number, transponder and everything needed to feel like an '80s idol, to follow technical checks and portrait photos.

All the riders had 2 free practice sessions, 1 timed practice session and a good three race heats, the best ones had access to the super final where the first 3 riders of each class race and intense final bagarre.

The presence of foreign, French, Austrian and Swiss riders who came to take part in the Over The Top championship was great.

Registrations are open for the second round of the Over The Top championship that will always be held in Lonigo on July 8th 2018 (

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