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Indian Score First AFT Sweep of the Year

It took until round 4 of the AFT Twins season for Indian to score their first 1-2-3 sweep of the year. I know, total disaster, heads are going to roll for this...

Last season they did it by round two, and there were only three Indian FTR750s in that whole race. At Calistoga, last weekend, nine entered (there would have been ten, but Bryan Smith is injured, see previous post).

It was an incredibly impressive night for Indian's racing bike. Here's why...

  • Indian filled the top five positions, with Davis Fisher in 5th in his first race on the FTR.

  • Mees won his fourth race of the year (though he was disqualified from Atlanta, so it's 3 from 4).

  • This is on top of Indian-mounted privateer Chad Cose finishing on a GNC podium for the first time ever, the week before at Texas.

  • An FTR750 has won all eight semis and all four mains this season.

Strangely, Bryan Smith doesn't seem to be gelling with the bike this year, and has been using a new chassis at races, different to the one Mees is winning on. What's the betting he'll be riding something green next season?

Incidentally, Jeffrey Carver came second at Calistoga on his privateer Roof Systems FTR750, making him the only rider this year to make the podium twice on two different makes of bike (he was second at Atlanta on an XR750).

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