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Indian FTR1200 on Ice

We couldn't have been more excited by the Indian FTR1200 Concept when it was presented last November. The news that Indian had employed motorcycle designer, Ola Stenegard only heightened our anticipation that something street tracker-shaped is going to come out of Iowa. Why else would they be so keen to sponsor the DTRA, if not to continue reinforcing the links between the brand and flat track? Or am I adding 2 + 2 and getting 5?

The world is clamouring for a proper street tracker and only Fantic Caballero, and Zaeta, are stepping up, and they're too small, in terms of dealers, to be anything more than a drop in the ocean. And people want a twin. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seem a no-brainer.

While you get your finances in order to purchase an FTR1200, the day it's released, enjoy these photos and short film of Indian factory rider Brad Baker on the 100 horsepower snowcone chipper. Yep, this is the big engine, not the 750 race bike, with lights and everything... Scroll down for the film.

Read what we said about the Indian FTR1200 Concept when it was released.

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