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Life on the 10 Training Ranch by Ollie Brindley

We have a new blog contributor to introduce, Oliver Brindley. OB24 is the only non-US racer to compete in the full American Flat Track season last year. The English rider is living out of a RV in USA for the season, with only one or two visits back to the UK in that time. The 18-year-old has said he'll send us regular updates of his life as a pro racer at the start of his career and a long way from home. Leave comments below all his posts with your support.

Read the feature Ollie wrote about his first season in the USA in Sideburn 32. Take it away, Oliver.

I have known JL10 [Johnny Lewis] since I raced amateur nationals in 2012 (my first time in the USA). We kept in touch and just as I was turning pro I had some time working with Johnny on my riding. I have built a relationship up with Johnny, his partner, Johnny and the kids since.

After Daytona I stopped by for a few days to park up, relax and help out at the new facility. During my time I have been running and working out in the mornings, looking after the blueberry farm and preparing bikes for a school that they have got going on up in South Carolina. I’m on blueberry duties and I have the company of Karl and AFT's chaplain Joe Baggot to enjoy fires and the stars at night. We are enjoying the nice things before we have to get back into putting thousands of miles in on the road! Thanks to the Lewis family for having us!

Cheers, Ollie

This is Karl, in the black, over from England as an extra pair of hands to help Ollie at the races, and the AFT's chaplain, himself a racer, Joe Baggot.

Phone and a fire

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