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DTRA 2018 - All The News So Far

The DTRA continues to go from strength-to-strength with yet another massive influx of new members for the 2018 season, and is developing massively for the 2018 season.

Firstly, the series has new title sponsorship from Indian Motorcycle. The investment of the factory in the pro end of the sport is trickling down to the amateurs, which Indian must be admired for.

There was a certain amount of sneering at hooligan racing in the USA, and there might still be from some quarters, but I don’t reckon Indian would be sponsoring the DTRA if the UK series hadn’t embraced hooligans, but more on that streetbike-based class soon.

New name

Not the biggest change, but it will be referred to later, so it's worth mentioning here: the adult Restricted class is now called the Intermediate class.

New Race Format

While the DTRA has grown impressively year-on-year, the pro class has struggled to grow. First of all, it’s not obviously 'pro', it’s more of an expert class, because there isn’t prize money up for grabs (though that’s not to say the top racers aren’t supported by the DTRA in less obvious ways).

The problem, as I see it, is the gulf in skills between the top three or four ‘pros’ and those who are being promoted from the Restricted (now Inters) class. Every year, the top five in the Intermediate championship are promoted to the Pro class and never relegated. Some racers relish the challenge of trying to stay in touch with the fastest riders in Britain, others didn’t enjoy slogging their guts out for 11th place in the 12-rider final. This saw numerous riders changing classes, or just concentrating on Thunderbikes, rather than racing both Pros and Thunders, and the top class has dwindled as a result.

For 2018, at all rounds, except Peterborough and Amman Valley, the Pro and Inters riders will qualify together for a 36-rider main event. Those not qualifying will compete among themselves. The format is yet to be finalised.

All other classes will run to the regular DTRA format: practice, three heats and a final.

New Tyres

Dunlop have replaced Maxxis as the series tyre sponsor. This brings the DTRA inline with American Flat Track. Riders will have two races to compete on their existing tyres before the Dunlop only tyre rule is enforced.

Only the Pro, Inter, Rookies and Thunderbike classes are bound by the rule. Simply from a fitment point of view all the Juniors, Vintage, Minibikes and Hooligans can use other makes of tyres.

New Number Plate

Once again, world famous font studio House Industries has created a number plate for the DTRA. Modelled by Sideburn 32 cover girl (and DTRA Inters class racer) Lucia Aucott.


Indian Motorcycles have donated a brand new Indian Scout, worth over £10,000, to the winner of the 2018 hooligan series. Indian is fielding four full-time riders, two in an official team, two in a ‘scholarship’ team. All will be on Krazy Horse Indian Scouts.

Two riders are already confirmed: Lee Kirkpatrick (one of Krazy Horse’s mechanics, who raced the season last year) is on the official team. Leah Tokelove (below) is confirmed in the scholarship team. We will share details on the other two riders next week.

Read about Leah, the fastest women in UK flat track, in Sideburn 25.


Peter Boast’s Champions Flat Track School will be sponsoring a Stock Mini Bike Class.

The class is open to, CRF100s, CRF125s, DRZ125 and TTR125s only.

All class riders must run STANDARD bikes, no engine modifications, no exhaust modifications, no air box or carburetor modifications. Riders can change handlebars and sprocket size ONLY.

There will be trophies for every round, the championship winner will win a year’s free riding at Champions Flat Track School, 2nd place will receive a free Level 2 Course and 3rd place will receive £100 pound voucher for the school.

All other minibikes (that meet the DTRA regulations) will still be allowed to race in the minibike class but will be scored in a separate championship titled Minibike's Powered by Minibike Champs.


Sideburn is sponsoring the vintage class for the second year. The change for 2018 is that the class will be split into championships, four-stroke and two-stroke. It sounds like both classes will be on track at the same time.

DTRA Schedule

Round 1

7/8 April - King’s Lynn

Saturday: Pro & Adult Inter

Sunday: All other classes

Round 2

19/20 May - Peterborough Showground

Saturday: Pro

Sunday: All other classes

Round 3

9/10 June - Redcar

Saturday: Pro, Adult Inter & Vintage)

Sunday: All other classes

Round 4

7/8 July - Greenfield Dirt Track TT

Saturday: Pro, Adult Inter & Thunderbike

Sunday: All Other Classes

Round 5

11 Aug - Amman Valley Trotting Club

All Classes

Round 6

12 Aug - Amman Valley Trotting Club

All Classes

Round 7

15/16 Sept - Greenfield Dirt Track Oval

Schedule to be confirmed.

Poster artwork: Ryan Quickfall

Indian DTRA Hooligan Schedule

Round 1

8 April, King’s Lynn

Round 2

6 May Speedway Lelystad, The Netherlands

Round 3 & 4

19/20 May, Peterborough Showground

Round 5

18 August, DirtQuake, Arena Essex

Pre-Season Practices

Novice Riders - Peter Boast is running pre season training for rookie riders including all you need to know about attending DTRA race meetings. Contact him at Champions Flattrack School.

Please contact on 01507 313590 or e-mail

Open Practice at Rye House Speedway

Saturday 24th March

11.00 - 3.00pm

£40 for all riders. Open to all.

Contact Steve at Rye house with any questions 07555 960917

Open Practice date at Buxton is confirmed by Ride and Skid it.

Sunday 25th March 11am - 3pm

£45 for riders with a valid MCF licence - day licences are available for an additional £5

Limited number of riders to allow plenty of track time!

To book your place please email;

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